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MyDexHS Name is Dexter T. Brewer.  I was born in the Midwest City of Liberal, Kansas and am the oldest of 3 Siblings.  Though my foundation lies within the Kansas Border limits, I truly consider myself a Colorado native as I have made it my home for the past 25 years.

I believe I realized from  an early age that I was adorned a gift of writing with expression, and a vocalic passion in which I felt would carry with me throughout my life.

I moved to the Mile High City of Denver, Colorado at around the age of 5 as my mother had newly married.  Long were the days of “slow speeds” and “tumbleweeds”.  Though moving to Denver created excitement and proved to come with new found opportunities for my family it also proved a personal feat as feeling out of element I was shuffling between homes and growing up into to  my own divergent personality.

I became a participating pianist and drummer around the age of 7, and come the age of 8 became an active musician and vocalist of the Church in my youth.  However, my rebellion got the best of me, and as most teens I felt the world was not listening to me. Aside from acting out in a fit of rage I then began writing thoughts of my feelings in a well – assembled journal which allowed me to express myself openly and freely and display my inner thoughts at trying times in my life.  Which therefore, these items in my journal soon became Lyrics to my life as reflected in many of my songs.   As I grew up with many numerous musical influences in my life, I was certain that becoming a music artist is my destiny.   I would then regularly showcase my singing and writing talents throughout the years in establishments such as Church, School Productions, state fairs and so forth.

Currently at work in Property Management I am still currently an aspiring Singer-songwriter and I hold down two internships with both Krystal 93.FM of Breckenridge Colorado and Radio Consulting Services of Denver,Colorado.  My ever-longing joy for music and my affection   for captivating visuals have further peeked my interest in media, paticularly television and radio.    After much uncertainty in life I enrolled am are currently a student at the Colorado Media School formerly the Ohio Center for Broadcasting in Denver, Colorado where I’ve been highly able and willing to flex my creative muscles in learning all there is to know about; Radio and Television Broadcasting, Video Recording, Editing and Production, Writing Profiency and Website Management.    I am scheduled to graduate April 2014, and

While attending OCB I have utilized my spare time in perfecting my brand through multiple externship opportunities such as ; Board Operating and Production for the Live Stream online  “Indi Go on the Go Show” and the “Urban Music Authority Show”  In which I solely produced and hosted.  I  currently also hold internships with Krystal 93 Radio in Summit County as a frequent  On Air Talent and Traffic Reporter.   I also do Social Network Marketing for Radio Consulting Services in Aurora, Colorado.    Since my attendance at the Colorado Media School my goal has become that much clearer as I have long envisioned being that person behind the mic or in front of the camera – delivering the goods to hungry listeners and viewers.

My desire after graduation is to continue building and perfecting my craft and solidifying my brand and to seek out multiple avenues in which I can showcase my work in hopes of prospering as a reputable entertainment correspondent/ journalist, online radio personality and Singer/songwriter, with the endless abilities in managing my own contents.

Outside of schooling and my full time job as  I enjoy physical fitness, writing, company of friends and fine wine I am still always seeking out ways to get me closer to my personal and professional goals.

I look forward to making name for myself and paving the way for others in a long, unknown and exciting Journey.

I’ll Keep You Posted!



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