Unrolling 2015!

Posted: January 31, 2015 in Uncategorized

Happy New Year (if you’re reading),

Welcome back to the page.  It’s been a minute since I’ve jotted down anything worthwhile.  I’ve been missing the page myself, so I had to come and wipe down the cobwebs before beginning to write anything down.

Since my last post, over the past holiday season I was preparing to launch an online show called “The Queue Up”, which has since brought me great satisfaction in doing so.  Being a fan of music of all styles, and helping to expose music which otherwise would go unnoticed is the least I can do for the abundance of talent out there.    Artists like The Host Club, Reina Williams, Benson The Dog, and Moxy & the Influence have all contributed their time and talent to the show.  Gioia’ Bruno of the 90’s Megastar female trio Expose’ came on to the show (upon repeatedly stalking her). Who could ask for anything more?   Oh yeah, a Co-Host!  I finally recruited my good and dear friend of twenty years Rodney to lend his sharp tongue, and quick wit to the program.

The show seems to be evolving  and growing with each episode we generate. Though independent music is our basis, we are finding we want to create more panels, as we did with the Michael Brown panel after the verdict was read.  We’ve also been toying at the idea of motivational speakers on and even some politics to keep the show ablaze.  The show pretty much runs itself with hand picked music, up to date and entertainment news, calendar of events, sports updates and a studio of indie music stars, producers and music entreprenuers to thrust the show into the social atmosphere.   Be sure to tune into the show on Monday and Friday mornings at 10:30 a.m. (MST) @ http://www.blogtalkradio.com/thequeueup.

I’ve also been working feverishly on my new music project entitled “Nightlife Confessions # 15” which I’m hoping to have available to listeners on ITUNES this fall.  I’ve been really excited about the material I was able to hand select.   I’ve gotten some really good feedback on the sounds.    Lastly, I’ve enrolled back into school. Even though heart is with my music and on the stage, a degree in music journalism and entertainment wouldn’t be so bad either.  I plan on rubbing elbows one way or another.

I do hope that your New year is kicking off to a great start, and I appreciate you checking in on me.  stay tuned for some great things to come.  I’m awaiting them myself:)

Until we meet again,

Dex T.


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