Launch of the show! 2 WEEKS!!

Posted: November 3, 2014 in Uncategorized

O.K! it’s almost here, and I’m pooping my pants.  Well not really, but I am anxiously attempting to make sure that everything is perfect for the first online show.

What makes this different, you ask?  I’m not really sure.  I mean I’ve listened to a few of the other shows online for the practice, and to kind of get a feel for what it is they’ve got going on .  I mean sure, anyone can talk about entertainment.  anyone can talk about sports.  anyone can talk about music.  quite so, they possibly can, but can they host it? can they represent it? can they prepare articulate conversation to ensure that they’ve done their research?  they can. It can be quite tedious, looking for subject and material, seeking new ideas to brand and claim your own.   It has to be fun in the end, when you can look back and reminisce on the stomping ground in which you built up..

I’ve booked my first guests, Benson the Dog, a very funny pair of guys made up of Ben Westlund, and Will Hanson.  They residents right here in Denver, Colorado and have been performing together the past two years. They remain active in the music scene performing at such places as Herman’s Hideaway, and The Marquee in Boulder.  This show will actually be pre recorded to air on Monday November 17th @ 10:30 a.m. MST, as these guys have a full schedule.

I actually spoke with Ben for the first time, after the Denver vs. Patriots game being broadcast on television (we were both left scratching our heads), and it felt as though I’d known the guy all of my life.  He picked up the phone and answered it like he knew me, and I responded like he knew me, ha.    None-the-less, Ben is quite amusing, a very soft spoken and humble guy, a far cry from his stage presence.  He has his hands in like 10 different things and is still able to give a memorable performance to awaiting fans, most credible. In the meantime check out their site and music, I think you’d really like them.  Some of their material is adult oriented, but it’s not raunchy, it’s clever and well executed.  They have a modest fan base, and remain humbled and interactive with their listeners. I can’t wait to share what they have going on at the launch.

I hope your ears will be there,


and follow Benson the dog @

your host,

Dax Dish


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