Grammy Night

Posted: January 26, 2014 in Uncategorized
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Well, it’s that time again.   Grammy Time!     The one night in music in which you’re not likely  to find , yet anything can happen:  multitude of wardrobe malfunctions, showcased celebrity beefs and liquor ridden stars hoping at a chance for a little recognition yet alone the golden trophy.     The only problem I find with the grammy services is that they proceed with fun and energetic top of the hour enough to keep you glued to the tube to curiously reveal who’s wearing what, who performs the best (and live preferably) and who we can laugh at when the camera unexpedtedly zooms in on them doing something off-beat like making that strange facial expression.  Then, it’s like the whole room falls asleep, in and out of the tube.   Therefore, I’ve passed the past few years on even tuning in.  If I have to endure what is endured when I accidentally tune into a staged reality show of no content – I’d rather …..well, not!    Therefore, let us just say that this year, I’m all ears..and willing to give it another shot after all this time.

We being with the  smorgasbord of performers on hand which should help fill up the few hours on a seemingly sunken ship, as if has felt in the past.  To name a few these performers should have a pretty decent night;

Though overexposed to the max I always enjoy a performance by Katy Perry who’s sets always appears so fresh and whimsical. her music depending on the day has a way of making you feel… refreshed in an unexplained way. Her big dough eyes and powerhouse chops don’t hurt her cause. I’m expecting a reindition of the soft “unconditional” with a full orchestra (just my assumption) so I’d imagine it wouldn’t be too over-the-top.

I first read reports that Jay Z and Beyonce were performing together, and then Beyonce and Madonna were performing together. Um, for what purpose? have any of them had a chart topping hit together in the past year…? or the past few for that matter.   All I have to say is that they better make it good.  Look, just because a Beyonce/Lady Gaga collboration worked, doesn’t necessarily mean fans will pick up on the same chemistry between these two major league divas.

And while Big Pimpin’ (Jay Z)  and Lady B haven’t really topped the charts in such a way that they did with their “Bonnie and Clyde (Me and my Girlfriend) hit since 2003 it could be worthwhile and entertaining to see what they bring.

Newcomer Lorde will be taking the stage as the youngest performer showering us with her golden hit “Royales” which did significantly well for itself in 2013. She’s definitely found her place amongs the fold and I pray that she can keep the momentum going for herself. As Adele her sound is soulful enough to keep R & B isteners at bay and yet she still flourishes with a universal and soft rhythmic harmony to keep pop listening perfectionists intrigued for a few years to come at least.  I still don’t feel all this is enough to secure her “record of the year” honors, I don’t think the song worked that hard and though still good feat,let’s pass this torch to Bruno Mars for “Locked out of Heaven”.

My bet, and hope is that Macklemore and Ryan Lewis are going to be the highlight of the evening.  this act has not only moved with their music, he has moved with social awareness and contributions. I’m personally hoping he steals the “album of the year” trophy.  Top honors may also and so deservingly go to Bruno Mars for last years contribution  “Unorthodox Jukebox”.  In  my opinion Bruno Mars made some top-notch music last year, though seemingly being heard in every mall, convenience store and amusement park across the land,Another highlight will sure enough be Ringo Starr and Paul McCartney performing together.  I may need a pick me up between their sets, though we can just look at their performance as intermission, or perhaps half time, because that’s just about the amount of time I anticipate them up on stage.   we can pray!

Though Robin Thicke,  a heavy – hitter in the R&B/Soul department can  I say that I was less than impressed with  “Blurred Lines”  and  all of its’ legal hype behind the track last yea?  If you want to borrow a good track and sample it, sure… why not!?   everybodies doing it lately, right?  Yet don’t attempt to take all of the glory for something when you know it cannot be considered your original work.  And still I want him to walk away with an award for his beautiful-ness, and music and all as I have enjoyed most of all his music throughout the years, just not for this song.

As for the rest of the ceremony, I’ll definitely be giving props where props are due (Ringo Starr and Paul McCartney) though I’ll try my best not to await the evening news with much anticipation due to a lack-luster event

Best of Luck to all of the contenders.




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