Birthday Happy!

Posted: September 11, 2013 in Uncategorized

As I’m quickly approaching a milestone in my life I have to say that I’m not sad, sickened or miserable that it is upon me.

It seems some over the age of thirty continue to talk about the “stage”.  Me personally, I don’t think I would know what a mid-life crisis was if it punched me in the gut.   Though if  asked about bad luck I’d tell you a different story.  Not that I’m a case for bad luck, yet it seems  much  more logical to claim.    You define your happiness.

None the less turning  older has never been  an issue for me as I’ve always maintained a youthfulness, in which I feel my dreams contribute to, as does surrounding myself with positive radiance.

Personally I feel birthdays no longer hold the significance as they did back in our youth.  And though those thoughts will always be worthwhile,  The capability to live above ground and live out loud are the best gifts anyone could hope for and/or have.   In experience; the good has outweighed the bad, the bad has broken me down to build me back up, and the experience itself has helped to shape my life and give it depth….

So I say, Happy Birthday to Me, now until destiny.



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