Festival Italiano Weekend

Posted: September 10, 2013 in Uncategorized

So as part curriculum and part intrigue I registered to work and participate in the Italian Festival held in Belmar shopping Center in Arvada last weekend.   What a blast!

First off, Who can say they’re not up for a festival which entails authentic music, truckloads of food, sexy art and jewelry and to top it off  lots of “eye candy”.  The party looked to begin pretty early as parking seemed scarce starting around 11:00 a.m.  The aroma was so thick that it reached your nose before you stepped foot out of the car.   So glad I arrived hungry.  A sausage on a stick, 4 slices of pizza and 1 Italian burger later – I have to say my tummy was more than satisfied and any camera I placed confirmed that..

As part of the festivities The Colorado Media School formerly known as Ohio Center for Broadcasting set up shop along the front of the school slightly merging into the parade therefore receiving most of the overflow of patrons.  There is nothing more interesting than people watching , though personally the feeling itself being watched is the worst feeling ever.  So there our job was to recruit potential Broadcasters of the School – and I must say we ran into an eclectic mix of people ranging from all ages as young as 10 all the way to 80, all chomping at the bit in showcasing their articulate abilities in talent..  Some came in with a bit of liquid courage which made it highly interested.

I believe what most satisfied my curiosity was the number of people who tried their hand at the teleprompter.  Some good, some great and some not so great. the best by far had to be the Davinci painting whom came in and read from the teleprompter in a natural freestyle which had most of us students busting a gut.  Damn, wasn’t he hot in that get up?    Needless to say the weekend was a learning experience for them and me both.

The Italian Festival brought a lot of fun memories for me and with that I have high plans to attend again next year – only then to be in the mix.


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